Successful Blogging Resources – Week 2 : Monetizing your Blog

Successful Blogging Resources – Week 2 : Monetizing your Blog

So if you haven’t already – go read the  first post in the series, and get a blog online for yourself. Want a cheap blog? Well then go to BlixHost and get one for a buck a month (Ohey look product placement – go me!)

So now that your blog is online – I wanted to share these links to all sorts of reputable ad agencies to make sure that you can make at least a tiny biut of cash off of them. I can guarantee that you’ll at least make enough to cover your hosting.

Again, I’m not going to spoon feed you through using these services, but I did 60% of the work for you just finding them!


Banner and Text Advertising PPT/PPC
The way these sites work are simply by acting as a broker for advertising. You place the ad on your website, and you get payed when it’s viewed/clicked. These sites are meant for people with blogs, or websites that they can earn from.

The top PPC sites are as follows….

1. Google Adsense – High payout. By far the best ad network ever. Note that they have a pretty intense screening process. But check out this post to see how much can actually be made.

2. Adbrite – Medium high payout with an instant approval. I’ve used them in the past, but only because I was monetizing content that Google wouldn’t allow. (Spoiler alert – it was a website that contained pictures of boonies)

3. Clicksor – Lower payout, more ad options. PayPal Payments. Clicksor is great because they offer full page interstitials, and they can convert inline text (like you are reading right now) into ads.
4. Bidvertiser – No ad options, medium high payouts. PayPal Payments. Bidvertiser is great because their minimum payout is 10 dollars. That’s hard to come by.

Link Advertising
A lot of people think that link advertising methods are nonprofessional. They are, however for a teenage/ entry level web entrepreneur it can be monetized in so many different ways. Basically all you do is place links all over. The more people click your links, the more money you get.

The best link sites are….

1. Linkbucks – Medium payout, numerous redirects, allows adult content. Payments by PayPal.

2. Adfly – Higher payouts, numerous ad options, very easy to monetize, and works as a link shortening service like But better.  This is the one I use for a lot of stuff.

CPA – “Cost Per Action”
We’ve all been to those websites where you have to work your ass off doing surveys to get what you want. Have you ever wondered where those surveys come from? They are from CPA Access sites. This is currently the highest paying Ad division on the market, with it’s top earners making millions of dollars a year.
I myself make over 400 dollars a month from CPA Sites.

The best CPA Sites are…

1. CPALead – Payment through paypal or check. Lots of ads, “easy” money. Big marketers on this site make upwards of 4 grand a month. Read my gull review of CPALead here.

2. AdultAccessNow – The Adult version of CPA Lead if you wanna make booby ads.

3. Adscend Media – High Payout, but a lack of widgets. This can be used as a secondary CPA ad site.


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