Successful Blogging Resources – Week 1

Successful Blogging Resources – Week 1

Hey internet. After some time in the blog game, I feel that I have “Mastered” WordPress monetizing and starting today, I am going to begin sharing my library of resources on the subject. Today I want to focus on SEO, Design, and Viral marketing.

If you do not have a wordpress blog yet, I suggest purchasing a plan at (Great rates starting at just 1 dollar a month).

This post will give you a brief rundown, and a link to some very useful files.
WordPress SEO
SEO with WordPress is so easy that I actually don’t even see it anymore as SEO; but rather more as a series of steps. As we all know, for Google to pick up on your website, you need to have links on other websites. So… why not other wordpress blogs? This brings us to our first file… a list of 50k WordPress Blogs with comments that auto approve.

Download 50k Auto Approve Blog List

But hey – what’s the use of being in the big G if your website won’t hit virality? We all know viral traffic is the most profitable, which brings us to the next file on our list… the “Tiny Facebook App”. This is an app that you can create that hooks users to your site using facebook connect, and then posts your site’s link out to their friends. Fast. Instant. Pure traffic.

 Download the “Tiny App”

So now that the SEO is done with, and your site has viral traffic, the final kicker is email. Regardless of what YOU do with marketing spam emails, a goof 70% of society actually clicks on them. So gather up some leads, and download this mass mailer:

Download the Mass Mailer Script

Design, Cleanliness, and Ease of Usability
Everyone who visits your blog does not want to deal with buillshit. Which is why we want very clean, very shine, non-bullshit themes and templates.

Below is a download with a pack of graphic templates for glass buttons. These are very nice and appealing to the eyes. Simple graphics like this can covert users more than a simple link.

Download Glass Boxes Templates 


Blog themes are another thing that will make your users stay or leave. The more simple, the better. And the more clean the better. Below is a download to some themes that use up to date HTML and CSS and are clean and sleek.

Download the Blog Themes Pack Now

This last download is not necessarily a blog plugin or theme, but I have programmed it in to a number of apps I’ve made. This is an Ajax uploader that uploads an image using Jquery. It’s very smooth and very clean and will make your users want to use your service.

Download the Ajax Image Upload Script


I’ll be posting another one of these next week, and may accompany it with a vlog on the subject if the views are high enough.














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