Top 5 High Conversion WordPress Themes

Top 5 High Conversion WordPress Themes

Top 5 High Conversion WordPress Themes

Are you looking for high conversion WordPress themes? It seems like everyone is these days. If you make websites for a living, it seems like a nonstop search. Many marketers and new webmasters these days are using WordPress not only to manage their blog, but to manage their website as a whole. WordPress is becoming the primary CMS for many professionals – and because of this, a new market is growing for themes that attract, engage, and eventually convert users into paying customers.

Below are 5 themes that I know and love, and have used time and time again on my sites, and clients sites to increase conversion rates. These themes have shown results for me, and I think they can perform well for you too.

#5 :  Smartbox – An eCommerce Ready WordPress Theme

Smartbox is a very interesting theme. This theme is great because it squeezes crucial contact information into the header, but also maintains a striking visual above the fold using the rotator (which also doubles as an area to convert the user, or direct them to a landing page of your choosing. The theme is compatible out of the box with WooCommerce as well, so this theme is great for starting up your own eCommerce site.

Download the Smartbox Theme

#4  : Enfold – Interactive with multiple design choices

enfoldEnfold has the ability to not only leave your users impressed with your design, but also have them rapidly clicking through to view more content. The visuals in this theme are amazing. Enfold uses CSS3 to add a spark to every piece of the site. The best part about Enfold is that it can be customized with multiple color and layout combinations. While using Enfold, it will be rare to see another site that looks like yours!

Download the Enfold Theme

#3 : Dante – Clean design built for conversion

danteDante’s strength lies with the simplicity of the theme. Clean, simple, straight to the point. Dante is one of my defaults for website owners who want a system for quickly and efficiently selling their products. The theme is a responsive WordPress theme, and includes a slider and a handful of out of the box features and plugins. View the product link for all the info!

Download the Dante Theme


#2 : Superior – SEO Driven design, with useful short codes

superiorThe name says it all. This WordPress theme is far superior to most. Out of the box, this theme has proven SEO configurations built in, a large assortment of short codes, and a responsive design. The theme uses a fabulous mixture of CSS3, and JavaScript to provide an amazing front end visual. The rotator acts as a great position to hook users, and with multiple sub-page templates, those users will stay engaged and active. The theme has endless amounts of colors and page templates so no site will look the same as yours.

Download the Superior Theme 

#1 : Optima Sales – A clean, powerful theme built to convert users

optimaOptima Sales is my personal favorite. This theme has worked wonders for me over the last few months. This theme is simple enough to not confuse the user, but also robust and detailed enough to provide the site owner with a solution for whatever they need. I personally use this to sell digital downloads, but I’ve had clients who have used it to collect leads, and sell everything from baked goods, to subscription magazines. It works great.

Download the Optima Sales Theme

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